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List of Lists of Books

07 Feb 2014

I spend too much time on the internet looking for cool things to read/watch/listen, so I’ve collected quite a few interesting bookmarks along the way. Among them are some lists of books that I hope to read (someday). There are hundreds of books in here, spanning dozens of genres, so I’m never going to read most of them. But if you’re looking for a book to read, you can start you search at one of these links:


These contains books you’d typically find in a ‘Top 100 list of books to read before you die’ type list. Contains mostly well-known books, except the list of books on Bombay which I’ve compiled myself. Reddit’s Favourite Books is one that really stands out, since it’s a crowdsourced list, compiled by user /u/raerth by going through many threads across different subreddits.

Famous People’s Reading Lists

These are a gold mine of tech/startups/entrepreneurship/management/self-improvement style books, so they’re mostly non-fiction. I love reading stories about successful startups and their founders, and there’s a lot of that in here. Chris Johnson’s list in particular is a favourite - I’ve quite a few titles from this list including The Lean Startup, In The Plex and Inside Apple. As is Derek Sivers’ list, and he’s included a mini-review of each book as well. If you want something that’s thought-provoking you should probably start here.

Art / Culture / History / Design / Miscellaneous

I love Maria Popova’s blog Brain Pickings so much, I thought her list deserved a separate category altogether. A treasure trove of books I’d normally have no way of finding out about, there are hundreds (maybe more, the page is an infinitely scrolling list) of books with intelligent-sounding titles. My next book is definitely from this list.